Nova - Multi purpose cleaner

  • Nova - Multi purpose cleaner
  • Nova - Multi purpose cleaner
  • Nova - Multi purpose cleaner
  • Nova - Multi purpose cleaner

Nova - Multi purpose cleaner

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COBALT BLUE’s Nova is formulated as a safe and effective multi-purpose cleaner for floors and hard surfaces.
Nova’s concentrated streak free formulation can be used in both spray and wipe and mopping applications.

Safe and effective on wood, furniture, leather, plastic, porcelain, aluminium, glass and stainless steel.

Physical Data

 Appearance Liquid
Colour Red
Odour Slight lemon scent
Solubility Mixes with water in all proportions
pH 12.2 - 13.2
Boiling Point Not specified
Specific Gravity

1.04 - 1.05 at 20℃

Directions for Use

Nova performs best with warm water.


Light duty cleaning dilute 7.5ml per litre water.
Heavy duty cleaning dilute 15ml per litre water.

Spray and Wipe

Depending on soils, dilute between 5ml to 10ml per litre of water.

Active Ingredients

Citrus solvent, biodegradable surfactants, benzalkonium chloride, sodium hydroxide

Product Information Sheet

For more information, download the full Product Information Sheet.

  • For sales enquiries, please contact:

    Allan Bartlett

    Telephone: +61 8 8352 3881

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